Studio 905 was conceived in London by jewellery designer Natalie Lever during the 2020 global pandemic.

Natalie’s vision was to create stylish and transformative crystal jewellery which was perfect for daily wear - bold enough to stand out alone but delicate enough to layer. 

Natalie discovered the power of healing crystals when her four-year-old daughter suffered from severe separation anxiety during the pandemic. After countless failed interventions by doctors and sleep consultants, Natalie was advised to try alternative medicine. Within two weeks of seeing a crystal and reiki expert, Natalie’s cheerful, sociable little girl was back, giving her the confidence to sleep alone in her bed and enjoy social interactions again. 

Having spent years working in accessories and jewellery design, Natalie felt impassioned to combine her skills with crystals. After completing an accredited course in crystal healing, she created Studio 905 (905 being the angel number representing individuality, strength and hope).

Since then, Studio 905 has grown from a small selection of bespoke pieces to a beautiful, diverse collection to suit every style and taste. Each crystal used is ethically and sustainably sourced, and individually chosen for its highest quality and clarity. 

Studio 905’s customers remain at the heart of every design they craft. Whether you’re looking to introduce calm, restore trust, improve health, or just embrace an exquisite piece of nature, their jewellery is fashioned to make you feel confident, energised and empowered.